Mechanical Engineering

Design automation can be implemented in both conceptual- and detailed product design. Our configurator manages several steps in the design process and is suitable for making quotation drawings, conceptual models or build entire assemblies. In the process you can easily build, use and reuse your design.

Don’t spend your recourses on repetitive and routine like processes. Instead, focus on the product development and your costumers. We want the work in CAD to be fun and we want the engineers working with CAD to spend their time on design and actual product development. Instead of for instance, manually creating dimensions on drawings, or, manually altering the CAD model for CAE analyses. These processes are non-creative, time consuming and potential error generators, ultimately risking the entire project plan and budget.


To build a large industrial complex it is required to take many factors into consideration and wrong assumptions can lead to devastating consequences. By working with 3D models, instead of 2D drawings, your information level is increased and the risks are reduced. You can automatically check collisions and standards and how the components work together and how to optimize the flows.

With XperDi CAD Configurator you can build entire industrial complexes in 3D and efficiently add, change or remove pipes, railings or stairs. We want the model to be able to be changed at the same pace as the conditions for the project changes. By automating routine checks you reduce the risk of errors which reduces the risk and ultimately saves both time and money.


When constructing buildings there are high demands on the product to be customer specific and no conditions are the same. This requires specific models to be made for each project even though it is fulfilling the same function.

With robust CAD models and XperDi CAD Configurator, you can easily re-use previous projects even though to the circumstances are different. Easily move walls or doors and the rest of your design will change with it. By utilizing 3D models, it is easier to visualize the projects which makes it easy for you to catch errors in an early stage of the process.